Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi

What is a Lomi Lomi massage like?

Lomi lomi simply means massage. It is a unique healing massage derived from master healers of Hawaii. Their belief is that energy flows around the body and any blocks in flow caused by limitations from illness / tightness / injury and also beliefs/ emotional traumas/ behavioural patterns are stored in cells of the body not just our thoughts, these blocks to the flow of energy can lead to physical tension within the muscles.

During a Lomi Lomi massage the client is encouraged to focus on reconnecting with their body, the goal is “Lokahi” – unity. All parts working together as one, creating a sense of calm, reducing stress and tension. The blood and lymph flow are stimulated and the elimination of toxins from the muscles worked begins.

A unique aspect of Lomi Lomi is that the client lies directly on an oil resistant table cover rather than a towel. This enables the practitioners arms to slide under the body. The table and room are heated to keep the body warm.

Hawaiians believe that the back of the body represents the future and the front carries the past. This massage clears the path toward the future by working first on the back, then resolves any issues of the past when working on the front of the body.

It will commence with the client face down on the couch, covered with a large sarong/towel. The area to be massaged will be uncovered, leaving the rest of the body covered. Their head, back, legs, arms, hands and feet will be worked.

The client will then turn over onto their back. I will leave the room or hold the towel up to enable the client to turn over whilst maintaining their modesty.

Back Massage - Lomi Lomi Massage Tunbridge Wells
Back Massage - Lomi Lomi Massage Tunbridge Wells

I will then work on the feet, front of legs, thighs, under the back, hands, arms, abdomen, neck, face and chest (A breast drape is used for female clients when I work on the abdomen, pectoral and
sternum area).

The massage is given in a fluid, rhythmic motion using Forearms, Hands, Knuckles and Fingers. The intensity and pressure are dictated by the client. Different parts of the body may be massaged at the same time for example an arm or hand may be working on a shoulder and the other hand on the opposite hip. This enables a deep relaxation as it is very difficult for the Brain to focus on two different areas at once. By using the flowing motion rather than isolated touch a deep sense of balance and harmony is achieved.

What do I wear?

It is preferable for the client to be completely unclothed, modesty preserved by draping with a large sarong / towel. This allows for the uninterrupted continuous flow of the massage techniques that traverse along the sides of the body, and gives access to the big hip muscles that carry so much tension. Only the area to be massaged is uncovered and at no time is the client ever exposed.

“What if I don’t want to be completely unclothed?”

It is so very important that a person is able to relax, so if being unclothed would make them feel uncomfortable I have available loin cloths for men and disposable thongs for women. It is also
perfectly fine for them to leave on underwear, if they feel it’s necessary for their complete relaxation – please note that, as it is an oil massage any underwear left on will most likely get oil on it and also some techniques won’t be possible.

What happens during the massage?

A Lomi Lomi massage usually commences with a stillness between the practitioner and client, usually with the practitioners hands gently resting on the clients back. In this stillness the practitioner may quietly say a “Pule” asking for whatever healing is needed to take place during the massage. The client may then be asked to set their intention for any healing the would like to receive.

The massage is given using coconut oil (clients may also bring an oil of their choice).

“I love a full body massage but can’t stand my feet being touched”

I will check at the beginning of a session if there are any areas the client does not want massaging e.g feet if too ticklish or head / face etc – please let me know, in order for the massage to be relaxing I need full and clear communication from the client so that i am able to accommodate their needs and provide the best possible experience.

Kaulike (balancing)

It is important to ground a person at the end of a massage. To do this the practitioner places a hand on the clients head / heart/ shoulders / solar plexus/ hips/ knees holding for a few breaths.

Then sends energy up the body through the soles of the feet. The practitioner then rubs their hands together to disconnect their energy from the clients.

The massage connects and revitalises body, mind and soul leaving you refreshed and energised.

Think of your Lomi Lomi massage as your own little piece of Hawaii. Allow the music to transport you to a place where the body can let go of all it no longer needs.

Back Massage - Lomi Lomi Massage Tunbridge Wells
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