Lomi Lomi Massage Tunbridge Wells

Aloha and Welcome to Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian Massage in Tunbridge Wells

For centuries the ancient art of Hawaiian massage has been used as a powerful tool for maintaining a heathy way of life. It not only works on reducing muscular adhesions and fibrotic change from chronic injury, it also cleanses the muscles from toxins that build up as a result of stressful living and the daily strains from playing sports to adapting to a pregnancy.

“Experience a tailor made full body oil massage.”

Lomi lomi practitioners are facilitators for healing, by removing the stress and strains within the body, it then has the capacity to heal itself. The massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes, releasing and balancing tension and encouraging a free flow of energy.

The techniques are designed to harness the power of each individual element of nature;
Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Earth (Honua)

The practitioner draws upon the vast resources of energy the earth has to offer and sends down into the earth any stagnant or negative energy.

Earth massage techniques include needing, Palm squeezing and foot massage. They are very effective in getting people to be more present in their bodies, bringing people into a
deeper sense of connection with their body.

Air (Makani)

The element of Air is harnessed through the conscious use of breath. Before a massage session the practitioner creates a store of energy (Mana) by using breathing exercises which can be used for healing.

During the massage there may also be times when the client is asked to breath into a massage technique. Utilising the power of breath releases stagnation.

Water (Wai)

This element is most closely associated with Lomi Lomi massage as muscle is made up of 75% water. The water techniques are long flowing, wave like strokes and slow joint opening exercises, they stimulate the lymphatic system which accelerates the cleansing process.

This is why an increase in water consumption for 48 hours after the massage is important to flush away the toxins. Water is also the element of emotion and massage can aid with releases of emotion held within muscle tissue. It is not uncommon for emotional releases and this is to be encouraged rather than suppressed.

Fire (Ahi)

This element represents transformation – a fire is destructive but then there’s an opportunity for new growth. Techniques include fast deep work and friction work to bring about a change in for example a fibrotic muscle.

The ancient Kahuna would use these techniques to perform “bone washing” they would use elbows, knuckles, sticks to vigorously rake across the bones to penetrate deep through the muscle fibres down to the bone – It is believed that you can tap into the memories of your ancestors stored in your bones and have a
vision of your life’s purpose. I do not offer “bone washing” in my practice – yet!.

-Carrie Rowell

Huna – everything seeks harmony.

To understand Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, one must have an understanding of the Hawaiian philosophy called Huna, and how the philosophy of Huna relates to bodywork and healing.

When harmony within our body is imbalanced the effect is pain; physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Tension leads to resistance which blocks the movement of energy within the body, this in turn affects the blood and lymph circulation and the elimination of wastes and toxins. Hawaiian lomi lomi massage helps to release these energy blocks and facilitates healing.

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